Malaysia Labour Market - 12 June 2023

Unemployment rate stays at 3.5% in April amid record labour force participation and employment

The unemployment rate remained at 3.5% in April (Mar: 3.5%), reflecting a steady labour market condition

  • Unemployed persons (-0.3% MoM; Mar: -0.5%): continue to decline for 21 months, but at the slowest pace in four months
  • Consequently, the number of unemployed persons fell to 586.9k (Mar: 588.7k), the lowest since February 2020. Additionally, the actively unemployed fell slightly to 471.9k (Mar: 472.9k), the lowest since April 2020 (459.8k)

Employment expanded for 21-month (0.2% MoM; Mar: 0.2%), hitting 16.25m people, a record high

  • Labour force: growth sustained (0.2% MoM; Mar: 0.2%), with the total labour force reaching a record high of 16.84m persons (Mar: 16.81m)
  • New job creation: expanded (28.4k; Mar: 33.7k) but at a moderate pace